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Packing the right items in the right way can be an overwhelming task. Make it an easier task by simplifying what you pack and how you organize the items you bring.

1. Remove Items From Their Container

Do you have large bottles or boxes with important items inside? Are your vitamins in bulky plastic bottles? Repackage them in something smaller! There’s no reason your pills can’t be neatly tucked into Ziploc bags. You’ll save a ton of space with this quick tip!

2. Bring Layers

One of the best packing tips for travel is to bring layers. This sounds like packing more clothes, but it’s an opportunity to mix and match to create new outfits. You don’t necessarily want to wear the same thing every day but don’t want to bring too many clothes. When you can mix and match your layers, you’ll have new outfits for photographs, be weather appropriate, and hopefully bring fewer clothes in the end.

3. Roll Your Clothes, Don’t Fold Them

This is an age-old packing tip. In the end, your clothes will take up less space than if you fold them. Roll them up tightly. If you are big into outfit planning this could also help you as you can style your pieces together then roll them up and you’ve got the perfect outfits ready for your trip and you don’t have to think about what you would wear for each occasion. 

4. Use Packing Cubes

Once you try this tip, you’ll never want to pack any other way. This is truly one of those packing tips travelers need to know. Not only will using packing cubes save you space, but it also makes organizing your belongings so much easier. When you need to dig through your bag to find the right thing without packing cubes, you’ll either need to repack all your items neatly or jam them in the best you can. Packing cubes make retrieving items from your bag simple and keep things packed tight.

5. Plan To Do Laundry As You Travel

If you’re booking an Airbnb, look for one with a washing machine. If you’re booking a hotel, look for one with a laundry service, or check the map to see if there’s a laundry place nearby. Washing your clothes while you travel will save you a ton of space while you travel. This is an especially great tip if you’re traveling for more than one week. 


Dr. Catherine Barnes is a highly experienced educator, world traveler, businesswoman, and author located in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Barnes also owns and operates two businesses: Dare 2 Dream Travel Agency and Sudden Impact Solutions. Travel has been an essential part of Dr. Barnes’s life for as long as she can remember. She has visited every continent save Antarctica, and her travels ultimately inspired her to become a travel agent.