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Two of the many industries that have been hit the hardest because of COVID are the hospitality and tourism industries. This is hard for both the businesses and the now grounded travelers, some of whom have saved for years to realize their wanderlust dreams. For many Americans, discretionary income for luxuries like vacation has been rerouted for more essential purposes. For the people who will still have money for travel in a post-COVID world, there are some sites that rank high on peoples’ bucket lists of places to see. 

If there is one small, silver lining to this globally shared experience of COVID, it’s that life is short and precious. For this reason, any chance to visit a place and make memories with loved ones is a must-do. Sometimes these places are closer than you think. Less than two hours away from New York is the paradise of Bermuda. Not only are the iconic pink sandy beaches something to soothe your mind, body, and soul, but the rest of the island is just as beautiful. The stunning, colorful architecture and the narrow, winding roads are enhanced by the friendly greetings of the people who live there.

There are plenty of destinations inside this wonderful country, as well. Palm Springs, California is a place that many people return to over and over once they have visited. The reasons are bountiful. The living desert zoo and gardens are always a huge favorite among locals and visitors alike, as are the botanical gardens and cactarium. There is an air museum as well as a beautiful art museum, and the annual Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival is a big tourist attraction. The world’s largest rotating tramcar is also here, and the air tramway is a great way to get back to nature. 

Italy will always be a romantic destination, whether you are a foodie, a lover of fine art, or a fan of breathtaking architecture and scenic countryside. There’s literally something for everyone in Italy, and every dish is that chef’s-kiss kind of perfect. One of the topmost coveted destinations includes Rome. There are multiple reasons for this, including the famous Spanish steps the Trevi fountain. It is the largest Baroque fountain in Rome and one of the most famous fountains in all the world. In short, it is breathtaking. Venice has its own way of charming people. It consists of over 100 small islands within a lagoon, and it has no roads, just canals. Tuscany’s vineyards and tomatoes are a whole other reason to come.


Dr. Catherine Barnes is a highly experienced educator, world traveler, businesswoman, and author located in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Barnes also owns and operates two businesses: Dare 2 Dream Travel Agency and Sudden Impact Solutions. Travel has been an essential part of Dr. Barnes’s life for as long as she can remember. She has visited every continent save Antarctica, and her travels ultimately inspired her to become a travel agent.