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After all of the challenges presented to us throughout 2020, many people feel the itch to enjoy life again. This is due in part because humans are social creatures by nature. Now that the vaccine is becoming a reality, the hospitality industry is getting geared up to welcome visitors once again. Many historians are predicting the next few years to be the next roaring 20’s. Since air travel is still a tentative mode of transport, people are planning on taking to the open road in the comfort and safety of their own vehicles. The ability to avoid long lines, crowded terminals, and spend the majority of the time driving down open roads with loved ones is what makes a road trip memorable, in addition to eating snacks and listening to favorite music. Here are a few of the best road trip destinations for 2021.

Mount Rushmore

South Dakota is best known for being the host of Mount Rushmore. This sculpture honors the faces of four beloved presidents – George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Theodore Roosevelt, and Abraham Lincoln. In addition to this fascinating monument, South Dakota also boasts beautiful, scenic state parks and Deadwood, a famous city from the gold rush era. The Black Hills and Badlands are enough of a reason to visit this area. Devil’s Tower is just one of many natural wonders with intriguing backstories.


For those who love to combine geography with history, canyons are a fascinating road trip destination. The most widely recognized is the Grand Canyon. Between 5 million and 70 million years old, with a length of nearly 300 miles, it was formed by erosion caused by millions of years of river passage. Guides are always on-hand to explain the science behind its tectonic uplift formation and how the cliffs hardened into strata that became permanently resistant to further erosion. There are a multitude of activities to do, such as camping, backpacking, and hiking. For those with a strong stomach, there is also a breathtaking Skywalk bridge with first-rate views. 

Contrary to popular belief, the area has much more to offer than just the Grand Canyon. Mother Nature has also created masterpieces such as Horseshoe Bend, made even more famous by social media. Antelope Canyon is another popular hiking attraction, featuring the stunning geological slot canyon. Enthusiasts can immerse themselves in a living museum at the Navajo Village Heritage Center. 


Dr. Catherine Barnes is a highly experienced educator, world traveler, businesswoman, and author located in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Barnes also owns and operates two businesses: Dare 2 Dream Travel Agency and Sudden Impact Solutions. Travel has been an essential part of Dr. Barnes’s life for as long as she can remember. She has visited every continent save Antarctica, and her travels ultimately inspired her to become a travel agent.