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You’ve booked your dream vacation and you are ready to go. You have almost everything packed and you are so excited about your flight in the morning that you can’t sleep. But have you thought about everything for your dream vacation? Here’s a list of things that you should try to avoid during your travels. 


Eating Near the Tourist Spots


Try to avoid any kind of food that is located near any tourist destination spots if you can help it. Most of the time food vendors near tourist attractions are going to double their charges. You also won’t be getting the best of food. If restaurants know that the visitor is less likely to return they don’t have to worry about making sure that their food is quality. Try to save your food trips for when you are more in the city of the destination you are in. You will receive more authenticity and more quality food. 


Money Exchange


This is a big one if you want to get the best exchange rate. Do not exchange money at the airports. This could lead to you being ripped off and you won’t get the best exchange rate. Try and convert your money through your bank before you leave if possible. However, try to stick to using your bank card as much as possible. 


Travelers Checks


These checks proved useful years ago when a vacationer could take a traveler’s check with a predetermined amount of money set. From there you could cash it anywhere in the world to receive the currency that you would need. These days traveler’s checks are virtually useless. There are not a lot of banks that are willing to accept them anymore and they often do not have a lot of security if they are lost or stolen. 


Finding Travel Deals


This is a great hack for those looking to get the best deal possible on flights. When you limit your search to only large well-known search engines you could be missing on a great deal for an international flight. While there is no one site that is the best for this, expand your horizons from your normal or Expedia search. Try searching for international booking avenues. Many times these travel search engines do not feature smaller airlines or season airlines that could give you a better deal than flying commercial. 


Get Travelers insurance


This is actually important to not skip on. Travelers’ insurance could help you in a bind. Travelers’ insurance can cover anything from lost or damaged property to medical bills if you’ve managed to fall off the rock that you were trying to take that cool picture from. Either way it’s something you should never skip. If you find yourself without travelers’ insurance you could be facing bills that could cost thousands of dollars. They have even been known to help out in case of an emergency if you have to leave the country due to a natural disaster. 


Needless to say these are only a few things that will keep you from being unprepared when it comes to your trip. You should be focused on having fun while on your vacation so make sure these things are taken care of well before you leave home. But most importantly stay safe and have an amazing time.


Dr. Catherine Barnes is a highly experienced educator, world traveler, businesswoman, and author located in Jacksonville, Florida. Dr. Barnes also owns and operates two businesses: Dare 2 Dream Travel Agency and Sudden Impact Solutions. Travel has been an essential part of Dr. Barnes’s life for as long as she can remember. She has visited every continent save Antarctica, and her travels ultimately inspired her to become a travel agent.